tracy Jepson

Ep 17: How the Kern Marketing Group Began & Where It’s Headed

Many people dream of walking away from the corporate world and starting their own business. Mark Kern did just that about 15 years ago and now runs a successful marketing company out of Lawrence. Today we’ll talk to him about taking that leap, how he’s navigated the changing marketing business, and the best investment he’s made in his company.

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Special Announcement – Welcome Our New Host, Tracy Jepson

After a bit of a hiatus, the podcast is back with a slightly different look and sound.

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Ep 8: Putting Profit First with Consultant Tracy Jepson

Every business relies on profit to stay afloat and one Kansas State grad is helping small businesses around the country maximize their operation. Tracy Jepson, CEO of TLJ Consulting, joins us today to share some of her processes and advice for putting profit first, insight into the mistakes owners commonly make, and the lessons she’s learned for her own operation.

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