Kansas city

Ep 6: Leadership, Trust, and Building Influence with Kyle Ginavan

Our next guest takes us to Kansas City and the technology sector. Kyle Ginavan, CEO of One HQ, shares his passion for technology, how to build leadership through trust, and what he does to maintain balance for himself and his team.

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Ep 2: Growing a Topeka Dental Practice & Health Tips with Dr. Ben Rutherford

The first guest on the podcast is Dr. Ben Rutherford, a dentist with a growing dental practice based in Topeka. Find out how he decided on this career later than most, how he took over a practice at 28, the challenges of running a business during a pandemic, and the lessons learned along the way. Plus he’ll throw in a few dental tips for kids and adults.

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Ep 1: Welcome to the Podcast – Where Shark Tank Meets the Voice

Small businesses often struggle to have their message heard so we’ve launched a podcast to give them that voice. Find out how we’re going to do that and what the plan is for the new show.

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