Ep 30: Business Owner and Author Shares His Profit-First Approach

On today’s podcast, meet Mike Michalowichz, creator and author of Profit First, which hundreds of thousands of companies across the globe use to drive profit. Find out how he made a fortune, lost it all and is now helping others.

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Ep 18: How a Recruiter Helps Businesses Find and Hire Quality Employees

Stephanie Roberts chose a career in recruiting after being inspired by her mother to help people. Find out how she started her business, how she manages a work-life balance and what common misconceptions people have about her industry.

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Ep 16: Inside Richard Holman’s Custom Embroidery and Printing Business

Running a small business mostly on your own can be tough. Hear from the owner of LKS Imagine about how he finds customers, manages the workload and what he wishes he knew when he started.

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