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Meet Adriana Bates, the driven, hard-charging leader of Clear Mortgage. Find out how she has used her competitive nature and love of data to make her business more successful than ever, even during a pandemic.

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Show Notes For This Episode

She’s competitive, driven and determined to be the best, even if it means working long hours and pushing her team to match her pace. On this episode of The Small Business, Big Deal Podcast, we talk with Adriana Bates, co-owner of Clear Mortgage in Kansas City.

Adriana and her team of mortgage experts have seen tremendous business growth in the past several years, even during the current pandemic. We wanted to find out how she does it and what advice she has for other small business owners.

“The same way I made money then is the same way I make money now. You gotta pick up that damn phone,” Adriana said. “For all you sales people out there, call reluctance is just – you better dial for dollars every day … You better smile and dial.”

Using her work harder, make more money approach, Adriana tells us how she uses data to track every process in her business and systematically make tweaks to save time and money.  She examines everything from how often she emails clients, what time of day she contacts them and how many “nos” she gets on average before getting a “yes” when making new deals.

“It’s exhausting, but I love it,” she said.

Adriana also tells us:

  • How she got into the mortgage business
  • The most difficult part of growing a business
  • How the coronavirus has impacted her business
  • How she finds customers
  • How she uses technology in her business
  • Her struggles with a work-life balance
  • The best thing she did to save time
  • What she does when she feels overwhelmed
  • What advice she has for young professionals

Listen to the full episode with the player above or click on the timestamps below to hear more from Adriana.

[2:05]Meet Adriana Bates

[3:54]What led her to this profession

[10:35] Starting from the ground up

[12:21] Her biggest pain point for growing the business

[13:33] How she has handled her business during a pandemic

[17:31]How many employees she has

[18:36]How she got customers in the beginning

[19:12] How she reaches her goals

[20:33] Work harder, make more money

[21:17]Strong operating processes

[23:43] Breaking down her process

[27:37]Finding time to work on the business

[29:09] Why she works a lot

[29:43]Her difficult work-life balance

[32:07]What she’s doing to be a strong leader

[38:20]Why some businesses fail

[45:39]What she does when she feels overwhelmed

[47:17]Her advice for young professionals

Quotable Moment:

“I work a lot. I’m not proud to say that. I would much rather spend more time at home. I would much rather be more present at home. But right now I know that I’m grinding it out. I’m building it. And I work a lot.”

-Adriana Bates

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Podcast Reviews
  • Get takeaways in every episode
    May 5, 2021 by Meljofield from United States

    Every episode provides insights on how to overcome challenges of being an entrepreneur from people who have been in the trenches. Tracy does a great job of asking all the right questions to help her listeners gain knowledge that will help them in their entrepreneurial journey.

  • What a great resource for entrepreneurs!
    April 23, 2021 by Dr Sabrina from United States

    Tracy is passionate about inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs with what is possible. She brings on guests who are sharing their school of hard knocks experiences to support their fellow entrepreneurs in having successful businesses that have real value.

  • Brilliant
    February 1, 2021 by HB x from United Kingdom

    Love every word. So much wisdom here!

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