Ep 39: Design Agency Owner Helps Businesses Create Stunning Branding

On today’s podcast, we’re talking with Katie Dooley, owner of Paper Lime Creative, a branding and design agency in Edmonton, AB. Her company creates stunning visual branding that shows off businesses’ unique personalities. Their print design services make getting a brand out into the world effortless and enjoyable.

Katie’s love of design and art took shape at a young age, and since then, she’s been soaking in as much knowledge about art, business, and design as she can. Katie’s passion and talent for design have made her a first choice for businesses looking to amplify their branding.

However, it’s Katie’s vibrant personality and relatability that people love most about her. She can make a deep connection and lasting friendship in a matter of minutes. She takes the time to listen to people’s unique stories and goals to deliver stand-out work. It’s one of many reasons why Paper Lime Creative is known as a collaborative design agency.

During our discussion, Katie also shares:

  • Why she started her own business
  • How she made the transition to entrepreneurship
  • How owning a business changed her life
  • How she got through growing pains
  • How she structured her business
  • Why business owners need to think of brand strategy
  • Why “Chandler Bings of business” are her favorite clients
  • How she wants her business to grow
  • What kind of continuing education she does
  • How she manages the work
  • When businesses should hire a marketing company
  • What advice she would give a new entrepreneur

The full episode can be heard using the audio player above and utilize the timestamps below to jump to a specific topic. Thanks for listening!

[0:56] – Meet Katie

[1:29] – Entrepreneur dreams

[3:45] – Making the transition

[7:25] – Changing her life

[10:00] – Growing pains

[11:03] – Structuring her business

[12:09] – Brand strategy

[16:02] – Companies she works with

[17:32] – Growth

[18:47] – Continuing education

[21:26] – Managing the work

[26:11] – When to hire a marketing company

[36:40] – Advice


Quotable Moment:

I think, looking back, it’s no surprise that I’m an entrepreneur, but I didn’t consciously decide until five years ago when I started Paper Lime Creative.”  – Katie Dooley