Ep 38: Online Magazine Business Booming, Even During COVID

On today’s podcast, we’re talking with Dennis Crosby, owner of Crochet Media Group, an online subscription that focuses on the arts and crafts niche, especially crocheting. His business is thriving and has even boomed during COVID.

Dennis had his first business when he was 10 reselling colognes and enjoyed making money on his own. He decided that’s how he wanted to live his life. He was determined to travel the world on passive income, so he decided to try to make money online.

Years ago, he started blogging and making money off AdSense, but he realized he wasn’t making money quickly enough. He wanted to know how to make money fast online. So he started writing books for Kindle, and a few of them started taking off in the time management category. He was eventually making $5,000 a month of passive income.

During our discussion, Dennis also shares:

  • How he became interested in entrepreneurship
  • Why he went to college to study chemistry
  • How he started working on a crochet magazine
  • How he builds teams and manages them
  • Why he hires within his community
  • Why personal development is so important to him
  • What’s next for his business

The full episode can be heard using the audio player above and utilize the timestamps below to jump to a specific topic. Thanks for listening!

[1:32] – Meet Dennis

[12:55] – How he ended up working on a magazine

[19:53] Why he continued magazine

[24:45] – Building teams

[29:06] – Hiring

[34:16] – Personal development

[40:59] – What’s next

Quotable Moment:

“You wouldn’t expect to see a bald, black, 35-year-old man running a crochet magazine.”  – Dennis Crosby