Ep 6: Leadership, Trust, and Building Influence with Kyle Ginavan

The beautiful thing about being an entrepreneur is the ability to have a conversation with someone in a completely different line of work but share the same goals, challenges and experiences.

We’ve spoken to people in all types of sectors already and now we move into technology, but as you’ll hear on this episode, there are many parallels from business to business. At the heart of the conversation are entrepreneurs like Kyle Ginavan, CEO at One HQ in Kansas City, and he joins us on this episode of Small Business Big Deal.

Ginavan traces his passion back to his childhood when became obsessed with technology by taking apart and building computers. That eventually led him into trading stocks during the tech boom and now into this newest venture at One HQ.

One common theme we found during the conversation is his focus on being a leader by trusting his team. A hurdle all business owners face is letting go of the day-to-day workload and learning to delegate. But taking the time to work with your team and help them develop the skills they need is a key part of building that trust.

He also makes sure there’s balance in his life and his team as well. This is a company that takes two retreats each year that allow them to refocus, brainstorm, and develop that camaraderie that’s help lead to big growth since the company launched in 2011.

Keep an ear out for those messages from Ginavan along with a lot of other great business insight. If you want to get in touch with him, the best way is through email at Kyle@OneHQ.com.

A few of the things we’ll get into from the business side on the show:

  • How his team went remote quickly when COVID struck.
  • Why it’s important to slow down and take time to listen.
  • Strong leadership takes time and investing in your team.
  • How to implement processes.
  • Who he considers a mentor.
  • Building a brand through influence and expertise.
  • What he’s doing at home to devote more time to family.

Listen to the full episode with the player above or click on the timestamps below to hear more about Kyle and his business.

[0:41] – Our guest today is Kyle Ginavan, CEO of One HQ

[1:18] – Before we start, let’s rehash the goal for this show.

[3:05] – Background on our guest.

[4:12] – Raised in a small farm town, Kyle’s had quite the journey.

[5:15] – Has his technology company been impacted by COVID?

[6:22] – What do you wish you knew when you first started in the business?

[7:22] – How to be a strong leader

[9:03] – How do you continue developing yourself and growing professionally?

[10:42] – Who do you consider a mentor?

[11:52] – Processes that he’s put in place for the business.

[14:07] – How they use two retreats each year.

[15:35] – How do you advertise the company and how has strategies changed?

[17:00] – Your first content is going to suck. Just get started.

[18:02] – Why is failure a part of starting a business?

[19:30] – Chasing the ‘no’

[22:13] – What he does to improve work-life balance?

[24:57] – Finding time to work on your business vs in your business.

[26:51] – Success boils down to persistence.

[27:40] – What advice would you give to future entrepreneurs?

[28:38] – Best way to contact Kyle

Quotable Moment: