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Ep 10: The Business of the Internet with Adam Fichman

Our guest today began coding at the age of six and has built a successful career working on the internet. Adam Fichman of Lifted Logic in Kansas City joins us to talk about working with Facebook early on, finding your purpose as an entrepreneur, and building authentic relationships with employees.

Ep 9: Supporting the Homeless and Impoverished of Topeka with Barry Feaker

Barry Feaker has held the Executive Director position at the Topeka Rescue Mission for more than three decades. During that time, his organization has made a huge impact on the community and the people that need support. He’s seen a lot of change through the years, including the most recent shift that COVID-19 has caused. Join us as we learn more about the TRM.

Ep 8: Putting Profit First with Consultant Tracy Jepson

Every business relies on profit to stay afloat and one Kansas State grad is helping small businesses around the country maximize their operation. Tracy Jepson, CEO of TLJ Consulting, joins us today to share some of her processes and advice for putting profit first, insight into the mistakes owners commonly make, and the lessons she’s learned for her own operation.

Ep 7: Building Homes and a Business With Your Spouse with Greg & Carol Rau

Growing a business is a challenge on its own but what if you were trying to do it with your significant other? That’s what Greg and Carol Rau have done at Apple Tree Homes in Lawrence. Today we’ll spotlight their story to find out what additional challenges working with a spouse creates, their passion for building custom homes, and how technology impacts their business.

Ep 5: Marketing Strategy and Lessons in Finance with Matt Nelson

On this episode, we talk with Matt Nelson, CEO of Income for Life, about his retirement planning business. We’ll devote a lot of the conversation to marketing, which is a key component to survival in that industry. Learn what’s worked, what hasn’t, and why he uses the ESPN mentality for growing his client base. And of course we’ll talk successes, failures, and lessons learned.

Ep 3: Stories of Hard Work, Consistency, & Respect with Travis McKinley

Regardless of what type of work you do, you’ll find the same leadership characteristics are successful across the board. Today we’ll talk with Travis McKinley, who leads multiple businesses through hard work, consistency and treating people with respect. Join us as we talk about lessons learned, a fight on a jobsite, and what he tells every employee.

Ep 2: Growing a Topeka Dental Practice & Health Tips with Dr. Ben Rutherford

The first guest on the podcast is Dr. Ben Rutherford, a dentist with a growing dental practice based in Topeka. Find out how he decided on this career later than most, how he took over a practice at 28, the challenges of running a business during a pandemic, and the lessons learned along the way. Plus he’ll throw in a few dental tips for kids and adults.