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Ep 22: How to Ditch the 9-to-5 and Become Your Own Boss

On today’s episode of the Small Business, Big Deal podcast, our guest is Kate Bagoy, a business coach and founder of Find out why her personal mission is to inspire and empower people to lead lives by design, not default.

Ep 21: A Half-Million Dollar Lesson on Fraud

Many companies small and large end up dealing with fraud at some point, but a family business never expects one of their employees to steal more than a half-million dollars. That’s exactly what happened to the Stevenson Company, the metal works company behind many beautiful designs around Topeka and beyond. Owner Joe Pennington opens up about the experience and the hard lessons learned.

Ep 17: How the Kern Marketing Group Began & Where It’s Headed

Many people dream of walking away from the corporate world and starting their own business. Mark Kern did just that about 15 years ago and now runs a successful marketing company out of Lawrence. Today we’ll talk to him about taking that leap, how he’s navigated the changing marketing business, and the best investment he’s made in his company.

Ep 13: Meet the Man Behind Mammoth Sports Construction

On today’s podcast, we introduce you to Jake Farrant, founder and president of Mammoth Sports Construction. Find out how this booming family business became an industry leader in sports field construction, national cemetery renovations and golf course installation.