Ep 26: Serial Entrepreneur Wants to Help Other Women Business Owners

Alexa Hallberg is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and business badass. She has been a creative entrepreneur for almost a decade and started as a photographer in high school when her friends asked her to take their senior pictures.

During the past 10 years her empire has morphed and changed as much as she has. Now, she is a nationally published and an award-winning photographer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and mom to one in addition to being active in her community.

Alexa has made it her life’s work to help women and other entrepreneurs increase their confidence in a variety of ways. As an educator and a business consultant, she helps new and emerging entrepreneurs figure out all of the business skills they might not know how to do.

Watch Alexa at the Pitch the Dream Competition

As you listen to the show, keep an ear out for these topics:

  • How Alexa started her first business
  • Why she went to college and how her major changed
  • How she developed her photography skills
  • How she learned posing tricks and lighting
  • What it was like opening the doors to her store
  • Who her target customers are
  • How she is expanding her value in education
  • How she avoids burnout

The full interview can be heard using the audio player above and utilize the timestamps below to jump to a specific topic. Thanks for listening!

[2:09] – How Alexa created her photography business

[5:37] – College

[7:03] – Skills

[10:06] – Adding a studio

[13:36] – Big, exciting things happening

[28:51] – Opening her store

[32:32] – Marketing

[34:09] – Mentors

[35:30] – Education

[43:50] – Advice for new entrepreneurs

[47:02] – How to contact Alexa


Quotable Moment:

“From the very beginning, just be authentically you.

-Alexa Hallberg