Ep 39: Design Agency Owner Helps Businesses Create Stunning Branding

On today’s podcast, we’re talking with Katie Dooley, owner of Paper Lime Creative. Find out how she got the courage to quit her day job and become her own boss.

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Ep 38: Online Magazine Business Booming, Even During COVID

On today’s podcast, we’re talking with Dennis Crosby, owner of Crochet Media Group, an online subscription that focuses on the arts and crafts niche, especially crocheting. Find out how his business is thriving, even during COVID.

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Ep 24: Boutique Business Owner Focuses on Work-Life Balance and Helping Women

On today’s episode of the Small Business, Big Deal podcast, our guest is Aimee Rosenow, owner of Evoke Creative Topeka. Find out why she left one business and started another and how her work-life balance has changed.

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