Ep 17: How the Kern Marketing Group Began & Where It’s Headed

Many people dream of walking away from the corporate world and starting their own business. Mark Kern did just that about 15 years ago and now runs a successful marketing company out of Lawrence. Today we’ll talk to him about taking that leap, how he’s navigated the changing marketing business, and the best investment he’s made in his company.

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Ep 16: Inside Richard Holman’s Custom Embroidery and Printing Business

Running a small business mostly on your own can be tough. Hear from the owner of LKS Imagine about how he finds customers, manages the workload and what he wishes he knew when he started.

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Ep 15: Massages, Skincare and a Sauna: Inside a Whole Health Business

At Body Specific, co-owners Lisa Lahm and Leah Henderson offer a menu of services that cater to clients’ whole health needs. From massages to skincare and a sauna, find out how they recruit new clients and keep their business running during the pandemic.

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