Kansas City

Ep 11: ‘You Better Dial for Dollars’: Adriana Bates’ Competitive, Data-Driven Business Plan

Meet Adriana Bates, the driven, hard-charging leader of Clear Mortgage. Find out how she has used her competitive nature and love of data to make her business more successful than ever, even during a pandemic.

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Ep 10: The Business of the Internet with Adam Fichman

Our guest today began coding at the age of six and has built a successful career working on the internet. Adam Fichman of Lifted Logic in Kansas City joins us to talk about working with Facebook early on, finding your purpose as an entrepreneur, and building authentic relationships with employees.

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Ep 6: Leadership, Trust, and Building Influence with Kyle Ginavan

Our next guest takes us to Kansas City and the technology sector. Kyle Ginavan, CEO of One HQ, shares his passion for technology, how to build leadership through trust, and what he does to maintain balance for himself and his team.

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